The Team of Metarex Co. Ltd.

The successful development of Metarex is due mainly to its staff. Highly educated and motivated employees and workers make it easy to accomplish any goal. At the moment the number of the staff employed by the company is about 150. Most of them are long-term workers and are dedicated to the company. The loyalty towards our providers and clients, the strict financial discipline, the high professional competence – these skills of Metarex personnel are the key to the good reputation of the company among the Bulgarian and foreign partners, banks and government institutions.


Mr. Simeon Damyanov
Manager and co-owner of Metarex Co. Ltd.

Mr. Valeri Todorov
Manager and co-owner of Metarex Co. Ltd.

Key Personnel:

Ms. Tsvetomira Nikolova
Financial Manager

Mr. Miroslav Petrov
Commercial Manager

Mr. Borislav Boychev
Organizer “Economic Activity”

Ms. Merlin Irfan

Ms. Silvia Georgieva

Ms. Neli Gancheva
Specialist “Waste Management”

Mr. Roumen Dontchev
Expert “Logistics”

Ms. Neli Hristova

Ms. Alexandra Borisova