Dismantling Services

Metarex Co. Ltd. has a highly qualified professionals, long experience and specialized equipment for carrying out activities of cleaning and dismantling of objects and equipment.

Services that we can offer you a solution for:

  1. Dismantling of complex aggregates;
  2. Dismantling of advertising metal constructions;
  3. Dismantling of factory plants and equipment;
  4. Dismantling of fences and metal window constructions;
  5. Dismantling of power stations;
  6. Dismantling of industrial buildings and equipment, etc.;
  7. Dismantling of boilers and tanks;
  8. Cleaning of solid and liquid sludges from tanks, reservoirs, mud-and-oil traps and other facilities;
  9. Packaging and labelling of the resulting sludges from cleaning;
  10. Recycling, recovery, disposal or disposal of the resulting waste from dismantling and cleaning activities (glass, metal wastes, wood waste, construction waste (concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramics, etc.), glass waste, oil, contaminated water, sludge, residues containing other hazardous substances).

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