Hazardous Waste

Metarex Co. Ltd. performs treatment of industrial and hazardous waste, as well as prepacking, labeling and transporting of the latter in accordance with the common international norms, standards and rules, taking the necessary measures to prevent the harmful effects on human health and the environment.

The company has licensed facilities and equipment for pre-treatment and temporary storage of hazardous waste, equipped with specialized equipment. Collection and transportation of the hazardous waste is being performed by qualified and instructed personnel, equipped with all the needed tools and personal safety equipment. Transportation of the hazardous waste is being performed by specialized trucks according to ADR.

Metarex Co. Ltd. provides its customers with well-closed containers, made of materials that cannot interfere with hazardous waste. Depending on the composition, the condition and the volume of the waste shall be supplied with appropriate containers.

The specialists in the department “Ecology” of Metarex Co. Ltd. are committed to the preparation of the complete documentation accompanying the transportation and disposal of the waste. If you need to prepare worksheets for the classification of waste, reports of characterization, chemical analysis, notifications, etc., the team of Metarex will assist you.

Almost all hazardous waste (waste oils, dangerous packaging, hazardous absorbents, medical waste, construction waste, slag, sludge, equipment containing hazardous substances, etc.) according to Regulation No. 2 for classification of Waste. If the permits do not cover any of the waste generated by you, Metarex Co. Ltd. has licensed subcontractors on the territory of the whole country.

Thanks to its over-twenty years of experience in the field of waste management, the company maintains trade relations with factories in the country and abroad, introducing the most efficient and modern technologies for hazardous waste disposal.

In 2014, Metarex Co. Ltd. delivered for disposal abroad 130 tons, transformers and capacitors containing PCBs – 16 02 09 *. The clients were provided with all documents proving the disposal of the waste.

The policy and the long-term goals of Metarex is the development, purchase and implementation of new technologies and equipment for disposal of hazardous waste. Qualified specialists in the department “Programs and Projects” of the company, work on writing a project for applying for financing from the new programming period.