Separate Waste Collection

According to art. 33 of the Waste Management Act, all manufacturing plants, commercial establishments, business and administrative buildings have the obligation to organize separate collection of waste from paper and cardboard, glass, plastics and metals.

Metarex Co. Ltd. offers its clients the organization and implementation of a system for separate collection of waste. It includes the following services:

  1. Provision of specialized containers for waste collection and storage. Depending on the type and volume of the waste, various vessels are offered, which are labelled with plates containing the code and the name of the same, according to Regulation No. 2 of 23.07.2014 for the classification of waste.
    • For packaging waste (plastic, paper, glass, metal) – cardboard containers, plastic containers 120 L, 240 L, “Beaver” containers, press-containers, etc.;
    • For metal scrap-container, metal, multilift type;
    • For domestic waste-containers type "beaver";
    • For construction waste-container, metal, multilift type;
    • For medical waste – specialized, cardboard containers for hospital waste, specializes, plastic containers for hospital waste marked with the required marking;
    • For hazardous waste-specialized, cardboard containers for hazardous waste, specialized plastic containers and hazardous waste drums, metal containers and hazardous waste drums marked with the required marking;
    • For end-of-life batteries and accumulators – plastic, transparent containers for portable batteries, plastic containers for batteries and accumulators, metal containers for batteries and accumulators,
    • For discarded electrical, electronic equipment – plastic containers, metal containers.
  2. Metarex Co. Ltd. maintains its own fleet of commercial vehicles (standard and specialized) and Carrie. The company offers transport services with dump trucks, flatbed trucks, specialized ADR vehicles, etc.
  3. Metarex Co. Ltd. has its own forklifts, cranes, equipment for preliminary preparation of waste - chainsaws, plasma cutting installations, conventional fire cutting, lines for electromagnetic sorting, devices for inspection of Radioactive contamination, installations for the processing of electrical cables, balling and extrusions with various efforts, machines for separation, washing, grinding, crushing and compressing.
  4. The company serves the only sorting line for separately collected waste in the town of Shumen.
    Metarex Co. Ltd. has brought its facilities in compliance with the normative requirements and has the necessary permits for separate collection and pre-treatment of WEEE.
    • On the premises of the company, qualified officers shall carry out the following:
    • Assess the suitability of the WEEE for reuse;
    • Separate components suitable for use as spare parts;
    • Remove components, materials and substances that are considered hazardous according to the requirements of the Ordinance.
    • Removal of liquids and insulating foam from refrigeration equipment is carried out in compliance with the normative requirements and instructions for degassing, capturing and storing fluids containing depleting substances. The casings containing polyurethane foam are transmitted for treatment in specialized facilities.
    • Separate materials and components, which can be sold as secondary raw materials - different types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, glass, etc.
  5. After pre-treatment (sorting, dismantling, grinding, rewrapping, baling, cutting, etc.), the resulting separate materials are being delivered to the relevant destinations for recycling, disposal, recovery or disposal respectively.
  6. Metarex Co. Ltd. is a subcontractor of “Ecopack Bulgaria” JSC and “Bulecopack” JSC and serves systems for separate collection of packaging waste on the territory of Shumen, Razgrad and Silistra districts. The company serves the only sorting line for separately collected waste for the town of Shumen.
    Metarex Co. Ltd. is a subcontractor of “GreenTech Bulgaria” JSC -Organization for recovery of obsolete electrical and electronic equipment, as well as of “Rekobat” JSC - Organization for recovery of unusable batteries and accumulators. The company performs activities and implements a system for separate collection, storage, treatment, transportation and recycling, recovery and disposal of waste accepted for the purposes of organizations.