Waste Management

Metarex Co. Ltd. Offers its clients implementation and maintenance of waste management system, covering the flaw of scrap, generated by their activity. The scrap management includes, as follows:
  1. Analysis of the type and composition of generated wastes;
  2. Preparing of classification worksheets of the generated wastes and their submission to the Regional Inspection of Environment and Water, in accordance with the Regulation No. 2 dated 23.07.2014 on the classification of wastes;
  3. Providing record books and consulting on the book-keeping, according to requirements of Regulation No. 1 dated 04.06.2014.
  4. Implementation of system for a separate collection of wastes on the territory of the production and administrative sites of the client;
  5. Providing waste collection containers and bins for separate collection of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, with the corresponding labels;
  6. Loading and unloading with specialized equipment and qualified personnel;
  7. Transportation of the wastes from the clients’ sites to the specialized scrap yards of Metarex Co. Ltd. For further pretreatment (separating, sorting, dismantling, repackaging, cutting, baling, briquetting, shredding, etc.) and their temporary storage;
  8. Transportation of hazardous wastes by specialized trucks according to ADR (The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road);
  9. Delivery of collected hazardous and non-hazardous wastes to the licensed companies for recovery, recycling or disposal. Metarex Co. Ltd. has contracts and long-term relations with many Bulgarian and foreign recycling companies;
  10. Preparing of obligatory documentation for transportation and pretreatment of wastes, according to Bulgarian and European legislation, including Notifications for transboundary shipment of wastes;
  11. Preparing, if necessary, of a waste characterization report;
  12. If a chemical analysis of waste is required, we could cooperate with sampling and sending the latter to licensed laboratory for testing. Metarex maintains good relationships with some of the best laboratories in Bulgaria;
  13. Consulting and supporting clients in preparing of the annual reports of generated wastes, in accordance with the requirements of Regulation No. 1 dated 04.06.2014, as well as keeping of public registers.

Based on its long-standing experience with waste management, Metarex Ltd. offers the most efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions to its customers.