Waste Trading

Metarex Co. Ltd. Purchases and collects almost all types of recyclable waste on its scrap yards and purchasing points.

The sources of recyclable materials are mainly from industrial and household waste.

The industrial waste is generated during the production process and includes poor quality, scrapped products, waste - such as cuttings, shavings, etc., as well as old products and equipment discarded.

Municipal waste is generated from household items that have been used for their intended purpose and have lost their qualities. If, of course, they have not lost utterly their value as recyclables and could be put back into production as raw materials.

Sometimes we also find it suitable for reuse or even new and unused goods, which can be found in the relevant section of this site.

The wastes listed on this site are of informative nature, in principle we rarely retain quantities of finished products in stock. We accept inquiries for any type of waste, even for the species not listed on this site.

The goods in the “Usable” section of this site should in principle be up-to-date. If you are interested in any of them, please contact us.