The limited resources of our planet and environmental pollution makes more people and companies understand that there is no other alternative for survival than preserving nature. Anyone can do it in their own way.

Our company collects, processes and recycles waste materials from the population and industry. This is how we perform two main tasks:

  • Firstly, we preserve the nature from pollution from deposited waste;
  • Secondly, by preparing to use waste as raw materials for production, we store thousands of tons of natural resources - trees, ores, minerals, energy and many others.

Every person on earth can make a little effort to prolong the life of our planet even with a minute. He or she can, for example, extinguish the illuminating lamp in the empty room, or go to work today on foot or bicycle instead of his vehicle.

Companies have a moral obligation to use recycled raw materials and materials for their production whenever possible.

This is the way we have to go, so that our children can enjoy their lives on Mother Earth, just as we do now.