Electronic Scrap

Metarex Co. Ltd. has many years of experience in treatment of electrical and electronic equipment wastes. Over the years, the company has worked and continues to work under contracts for clearance of warehouses of BTC EAD, Energo Pro Networks AD, Mobiltel EAD, Blizoo Media and Broadband EAD, CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD and others. The company has experience with the dismantling of industrial telecommunication and electronic scrap, the latter being ultimately passed for final recycling.

Metarex Co. Ltd. is a subcontractor of the Greentech Bulgaria AD. The Company has licensed and equipped scrap yards for pretreatment/dismantling of obsolete electrical and electronic equipment. The company has concluded a contract with the Municipality of Shumen, the Municipality of Kaspichan, the Municipality of Parvomai, the Municipality of Hitrino, the Municipality of Venetz and others. to organize separate collection of WEEE coming from the population.

Metarex Co. Ltd. accepts and processes the following types of WEEE, as follows:

  • Office equipment: computers, monitors, servers, telephones, copiers, keyboards, mice, printers, fax machines and more.
  • Household appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, cookers, microwaves, heaters, air conditioners, fans, vacuum cleaners, toasters, coffee machines, hair dryers, fryers, irons, scales, watches, and so on.
  • Others: lamps, power tools, TVs, cameras, recorders, musical instruments, electric toys, vending machines, medical equipment, etc.