Vehicle Scrap

Metarex Co. Ltd. buys end-of-life vehicles. The company has dedicated transport and offers transportation of non-moving vehicles. All necessary documents for scrapping and written-off of the vehicles from Traffic Police and Tax Office are issued.

Accepted cars are unloaded at a licensed scrap yard of the company, at which the vehicles are being subsequently dismantled. The resulting waste (oils, accumulators, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, tires, glass, upholstery, plastic, brake fluids, brake linings, antifreeze fluids, etc.) is transferred to licensed plants for recycling, recovery, or disposal.

Metarex Co. Ltd. has a contract concluded with the Municipality of Shumen dated 2016 for lifting, transporting and subsequent dismantling of abandoned cars on the territory of the town of Shumen. The work on the contract has been successfully executed and the contract has been extended and operated at the moment.