Waste Paper

Metarex Co. Ltd. trades in different types of waste paper. Some of the main categories in which the company has specialized in its many years of experience are paper wastes coming from packaging materials, corrugated paper, documentary paper, tissue and others. Suppliers of the company are manufacturing enterprises, administrations, separate waste collection systems, retail outlets, individuals and others.

Metarex Co. Ltd. has licensed and equipped scrap yards throughout the country where paper waste is being prepared for delivery to a final processor. For the convenience of its customers, the company provides specialized containers for separate collection of paper waste and, after their filling, it provides transport for the accumulated quantities.

The company offers solutions for processing of paper spools, glossy paper, label paper, composite packaging, pressed cardboard and others. It maintains long-lasting partnerships with tax offices, law firms, medical centers, health insurance funds, banking institutions in connection with document destruction service. Metarex Co. Ltd. has Certificate No. 0033283 for the personal data administrator issued by the Personal Data Protection Commission.